MATTER™ (Manage Asset Transport, Tracking, Emergency Response was developed out of the necessity to track customer assets worldwide, often in contingency areas of operation where accountability can be problematical. Utilizing proprietary emergency notification technology - MATTER™,  is the preeminent integration of geolocation and notification capabilities in one. It can assimilate text or email messaging from any geolocation device related service and convert it into electronic notification data, which can be sent out en masse to all predefined individuals, and on any communications device at varying levels of urgency. This sophisticated system allows the customer to track any individual, any vehicle, anywhere in the world, actively or passively as well as instantaneously register a violation and immediately send out notifications to all appropriate personnel through either; email, radio, mobile phone or fax. This system also assimilates violation data from any source and converts it into emergency notifications automatically, instantaneously, and completely independent of human intervention. The notification includes the user’s exact location for immediate intervention. This system frees up valuable staff time, as well as significantly improves overall control, knowledge and security.


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